Enroll in the Arellano PHILSAT Review Program! PHILSAT (Philippine Law School Admission Test). This Review will be delivered by our country's best professors and complimented by power point presentations. Personalized tutorial classes are held to explain any obstacles and question modeled from the PHILSAT exam. Familiarization and exercises that will help you ace the exam with ease.

We distribute in printed and/or digital form course outlines from the PHILSAT exam topics and frequently asked questions in this type of exam. The following topics are included in the program: Communication and language proficiency; Critical thinking skills; Verbal reasoning; Quantitative reasoning.

Review classes will be held every Friday evenings and Sunday mornings. This will be held in an air-conditioned room that will be able to cater to your needs and make sure you will be able to absorb every lesson that is on our check list. So, where else can you find this opportunity? Seize tha Arellano advantage!